The story of Glasgow's greatest shipyard


School Workshops

A number of workshops for schools have been developed covering aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence. We hope to develop an interest in museums and the history they tell and at the same time show the significant achievements made by local communities.

The topics offered below are for Upper Primary:

Now and Then

Growth and decline. How shipbuilding in Govan and the Clyde grew and declined. What it was like to work in a shipyard 100 years ago and what it is like today.

How Ships were Built

A basic introduction into shipbuilding where issues such as scale, technical drawing, steel and different trades are discussed. Models are used to convey construction techniques and scale.

Fairfield and World War Two

This workshop explores life in Govan and Fairfield shipyard during wartime. Air raids, evacuation, rationing and building ships for the war effort are among the topics covered.

Rent, Rivets and Rotten Tatties

It took a war to show how important women were in factories and shipyards and how they stood against unscrupulous landlords who sought to raise rents. This workshop explores the issues that unfolded in Govan during World War One.

The following workshop had been developed for Secondary School students.

River at War

This looks at the enormous contribution that the industries of Clydeside contributed to the war effort during World War One. Government legislation in the form of the Munitions of War Act is explored together with its consequences.

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