Dr. John Aitken’s Medal

Many people know the Aitken Memorial Fountain at Govan Cross, this much loved memorial was erected by public subscription and unvieled on 3rd May 1884 “in affectionate remembrance of John Aitken M.D.“, Dr. Aitken had died 4 years earlier in 1880 aged only 41 years, before his death the people of Govan also presented Dr. Aitken with a medallion, Fairfield Heritage is delighted to announce that it has this medallion presented to Dr Aitken in 1880 on display!


Dr. Aitken was born in Govan in 1838 and his parents owned the Stag Inn on Main Street, in 1864, Dr. Aitken became the first Police Surgeon and Medical Officer for Health for Govan Burgh, for his salary of £15 sterling per year he had to attend cases at the police station and attend to police constables, despite his duties as burgh doctor and running a busy practice, for many years he also served as Medical Officer for the Drumoyne and Ibrox Collieries.


After 16 years of service to the burgh, Dr. Aitken was also presented with a horse and carriage along with the silver medallion that is currently on display at Fairfield Heritage.