Annie’s Loo: New Book Explores Govan Origins of Scotland’s Community Based Housing Associations


A new book was launched on 6th March 2013 which focuses on the efforts in Glasgow to ensure that all residents of tenemental accommodation had an inside bathroom. By 1919 an internal toilet was standard in most new homes  however the by 1970s a large number of tenement housing in Govan still had to share a toilet.

Annie's Loo Author Raymond Young

Annie’s Loo author Raymond Young

The book Annie’s Loo tells of the achievement of one community in Govan to solve this basic problem and demonstrates what could be done through a voluntary association led by the local community and encouraged and supported by governments.


The efforts of the community in Govan created a model which was adopted and followed by other communities across Glasgow and more widely in Scotland.


Annie’s Loo author, Raymond Young said:

“The real key was the willingness of the residents to get together for their own and their community’s benefit – and that voluntary spirit still is the foundation of today’s housing associations.”


SFHA Chief Executive Dr Mary Taylor said:

“The story of Annie’s Loo is an important part of Scotland’s social history, told by a key protagonist reflecting on the lessons of history. It is serious and wry in equal measure. A good read for anyone interested in the system of housing today.”


Annie’s Loo is a paperback of 128 pages published by Argyll publishing. It is priced at £9.99 and is available to order from the SFHA by contacting


The book will be available at a discount to SFHA members at The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations Limited